Hello. I’d like to share with you my story of how I overcame being emotionally abused.

Many people don’t see emotional abuse as abuse. Many have said that I’m too sensitive or overreacting. That emotional abuse is not “real abuse”. Which is funny because I’d rather have been punched in the face and beat than deal with the emotional abuse that I have dealt with.

This is still very difficult for me to discuss so I hope it makes sense.

I’ve always been taunted by family and “friends”. Whether it had been for my actions or weight issues. It seemed that anyone could find something to target me.

I had eventually learned to block out the negativity and start to not feel any type of emotion.

Once I started dating, I thought, oh I actually am feeling something. I would get scared and run off. I didn’t wanna feel anything. I would wait for that person to point out something and start taunting me. At times it did happen, and I ran.

My last relationship I did not run right away. Until, the emotional abuse got so out of hand, I felt I had no other choice.

Standing up to this last person though had given me the strength to stand up to my family. Of course with that, it was the whole “oh we just want what’s best for you speech”.

I’m very proud of myself for standing up finally for ME. Not letting anyone walk all over me or me just not stating any type of feelings.

I spoke up!

However, I have so much healing to do. It’s going to be such a long process. However, I’m ready. I’m ready to feel again and be happy.

I will never ever let anyone treat me less than what I deserve again. I know my worth.

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