Hi! I constantly over worry and over think EVERYTHING!

I want to share my struggles with this.

I’ve always worried about things. I’ve always hesitated about trying new things in my life. I’ve always had this voice in the back of my head telling me to question everything.

It had all gotten worse when I got older, causing me to get an anxiety/panic disorder diagnosis. That little voice turned in to multiple voices that amplified every single situation.

I sit for hours and wonder and think about every single thing going on in my life.

I constantly ask myself, because this is very negative focused for me, What am I doing wrong? Could I have done this? Did I say this right? Are they mad? Omg what did I do?

It’s all swirling. Typing that even made me panic.

Let me just give you some examples here about what goes on in my head a lot

  • Omg they didn’t answer me. Are they mad at me?
  • I had to have said something wrong..
  • Why did I get that look?
  • They’re whispering. They must be talking about me.. but what??
  • Is this the right thing to do?
  • What if I screw up?
  • Is this going to ruin my life?
  • He’s not answering. Is he cheating on me? Does he hate me?
    She must hate me because she won’t talk to me.
    I must be a screw up.
    My family hates me
    I got called in to a meeting omg I’m getting fired..
    Are they lying to me?

I was constantly ridiculed and tortured for how my thought process was.

I really felt alone until I started reaching out on social media to others who are going through the same thing..

Honestly, this is all so hard for me. I struggle with this day in and day out.

What I can tell you has helped me though is reaching out to the person or facing what is making you over think.

It can clear up a lot and put your mind at ease. Even though at times it may be hard.


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