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I’ve been suffering with PTSD and psychosis at the hands of my family, and many different abusers.

It started back when I was 9 which was my first case of being sexually harrassed (at the hands of my step brother), and since then my family’s culture of beating and degrading those who did not bend to their rules.

Even going as far as to do it when they were just stressed from other matters.

I lived in an area and continue to live in an area where bullying amongst school children was seen as something you grew up with. However, all my sexual abusers got away with warnings and I was normally the one scolded. Called a slut or a whore, even by family.

Recently I was diagnoses with fibromyalgia as the source for my pains which they say results from my history of depression, anxiety and PTSD.

However despite how much pain it puts me in, my family refuse to get me a wheelchair or service dog to medigate these and to ease my mental health simply because they did not want something like this to happen to me.


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