ANXIETY : Where’s the gravity?

 One minute I am okay; the next my mind is snatched from earth and tossed into the vacuums of space and time. It’s like sounds and colors are absorbed into this blank vortex filled with an endless night and my heart constricts. I grasp at the fabric of my shirt as my breathing grows heavier and cold sweat forms upon my brow. My body freezes into place. Every muscle huddling together against every bulging vein. There is no sense of time in this place with my heart hammering faster and faster drowning out the voice in my head urging me to run away. Moisture snatched from my throat as the words die in my mouth as a try to call out. Unshed tears they scorched my eyes I clenched them shut. I want to will all these thoughts and feelings away forever. The screaming in my head grows higher and louder.

 A thud hits my back and the silence is filled with chattering voices and a bell blaring. A muffled voice reaches me across the chaos. My eyes snap open and its like everything speeds up as my best friend has her hand clamped around my shoulder shaking it “Kirsten! Are you okay?”. I blink feeling rather stunned; pain now etched into my back. I stared at her as her Hazel orbs were laced with concern flashing her a Pan Am smile as I did so. She raised a brow and narrowed her eyes as a teacher began walking toward us. I took that as a cue to get to class so I slung my backpack over my shoulder and parted with my friend.


Anxiety can make you feel a plethora of physical and psychological things. Everyone gets anxiety at some point so don’t worry its normal. If you are afraid just think about what you are afraid of; visualize it shrinking into a microscopic black ball then crush the ball beneath your foot.


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