I see you, with that smile you practiced this morning in the mirror,

Eyes glimmering from unshed tears,

Trying to not be overcome by your infinite amount of fear…

But listen up, let me speak clear:

When you have your good days


When you don’t have to force it

Remember one thing.


Do not give the credit to orange plastic containers — with ill scented white pills

And twice-a-month refills.

The cure doesn’t always arrive with the doctor’s bills.

I am not saying to not take your medication or miss your appointments

or to stop reaching out for help.

But don’t think for a minute that it wasn’t YOU who got yourself well.

Don’t let Their signatures — go below Your success.

They may have helped you study, but You are the one whom aced life’s test.

To say that “There is an imbalance” alludes to some sort of normalcy

And that is modern medicine’s first, of MANY, fallacies.

You are not imbalanced, There is no normalcy —

They are just brick homes but You are a palace to me.

They are just plastic cups but You are a chalice to me.

FREE the FREAK, don’t corral it for me.

Let go of the reins – You are not to blame – For Your Brain’s





Get to Reclaim






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