As the leaves are changing colour and mother nature is giving us an explosion of fireworks right before our very eyes, I know some of us struggle.


The coolness in the air, and the clouds can be very difficult to cope with if you are one who struggles with your mental health. Sunlight is so beneficial for our health, and also for our mood, so at the change of seasons, I have often fallen into a downward spiral to a rut.


Everytime I fall into a rut, it feels that much harder to get out.


It feels as if the climb up the ladder, is completely unbearable.


So this year I have compiled a list of some self-care ideas that are simple and easy to do during the change of seasons.



Relax in a bubble bath.

Autumn is such a beautiful time for scents! Pumpkin, cinnamon, and everything is so amazing. Buy some new bubble bath, and maybe even a candle or two, and relax. Turn the lights off and close your eyes and practise being mindful for just a few moments. You made it to this moment, and celebrate that by letting go.


Read in a park.

I always feel like this would be so nice to do, and this season I am determined to actually do it. Pack a book and maybe a blanket, and head to a park. Get lost in your favourite stories!


Jump in leaves.

Okay, I know, that sounds weird, but come on, when was the last time you jumped in leaves? Bring out the child in you for just a few minutes, and just do it. Rake a big pile, and then jump. Notice how you feel after!



Take a walk.

Autumn is an amazing time to explore. Explore your neighbourhood or a new park, and notice the trees and bushes. Take some time to wander, or even just find a bench and sit and be there.



YUMMMMM!!! Pumpkin spice and everything nice?! Yes PLEASE!! Bake, and eat it! No guilty feelings attached. Just have fun!


Get Artsy!

Try out some watercolors or sketching and explore being creative. You can usually find these supplies fairly inexpensive at a dollar store. It`s can be such a relieving way to get things off our mind, or to work through any mental health struggles.

The change of seasons is always hard for me, but this year I am determined to put myself first and listen to my body and mind.


What are your experiences with the change of seasons and your mental health? Does it affect you at all?


Love Always,



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